Don’t know why people fall in love… I’m never falling in love!


“Why did you cut yourself?” he asked.

“Because I was hurt. So hurt mentally that I couldn’t bear it anymore.” she replied.

“What does not being able to bear the pain has to do with you hurting yourself again?” he asked.

“It’s just that, when the pain becomes unbearable mentally and there is nothing that I can do about it, I just hurt myself physically. It actually feels good. It takes my mind off the mental pain and eventually I forget it.” she said.

“What non-sense! That’s pure psychotic!”

“Thanks for being supportive!” she retorted.

“You’re welcome!” he replied sarcastically.

“Well, you can either be helpful or just tell me straight, once and for all and I will never share my problems with you.” she said.

“C’mon, that’s not the case. I’m always ready to hear you.. But this is absurd and plain stupidity.” he said. “You should be strong and move on, sweetheart!”

“No, darling. Never. I will never do that!” she said.

“That guy is a jacka**. Hurting and making you cry so much. And apparently he isn’t even apologetic about it. So just kick his sorry a** and move on, there are millions others who are there who would cherish you and respect you!” he said.

“I always have you, na?” she said naughtily and winked.

“Haha! That was cheeky, but no! I don’t love you. But I don’t like this crazy things you do because of him. Why don’t you just leave him?!” he asked.

“Haww! You don’t love me, eh? Fine, fine!” she played poker faced. “Anyway, jokes apart, because I love him. To the core. From the bottom of my heart. I cannot imagine even a single moment of my life without him.”

“You don’t want to leave him because you love him or because you are afraid that you’ll feel lonely?” he asked seriously.

“No, I…umm…what did you say, again?”

“Nah, nothing, leave it.”

“I… to be frank, I don’t know the answer to your question. I don’t know why I don’t want to leave him, all I know is, I love him and that’s it. I know very well that I can never love anybody as much as I love him and that I don’t want to even think of my life without him.”

“Then why does he hurt you so much? What sense does it make in staying with the one who simply keeps hurting you all the time?” he asked.

“Sweet heart, you are my best friend and so you have all the rights to tell anything you wish but if it were anybody else, you know damn well, this could as well have been my last conversation with him/her.
Coming back to your question, no relationship is perfect. Everybody hurts us. You can only wipe your tears, you can’t wipe every person who makes you cry from your life. That way, in no time you’ll be left all alone. And you’ve to compromise a lot in a relationship.” she said.

“Woah woah woah! Someone’s getting philosophical. Anyway, am never falling in love. For me, my self-respect is the most important thing. If I have to keep crying and compromising in a relationship, I would rather be alone than to be with someone.” he said.

“Everybody says the same in the beginning. But as and when they fall in love, that person does become way more important than their self-respect.” she said.

“Whatever… Am staying single all my life.. No relationships and no issues and no fights..” he stated.

“Well, a relationship is like a rose.. For you to have it, you have to learn to tackle with the thorns first.. Only losers shy away from their roses in the fear of thorns..
And no, am not calling you a loser. You just need to find someone who will bring out that romantic side of you that has been buried deep within this hard-guy demeanour that you’ve built to keep people away.” she said.

“And I am happy that way.. Independent.. Alone.. Answerable to none.. Only I am responsible for my own happiness. I haven’t brought anybody so close to my heart and I haven’t given the power to anybody to hurt me..” he said.

“Haww! Not even me, not even your sweet-heart?” she teased.

“Awww, darling, you are an exception to most of my policies!” he winked.

“That’s like my baby.
Anyway, so the point is, by being independent, though you don’t get hurt, but you also don’t get to experience the most wonderful feeling that life has to provide. When you are in love, you are always happy and there are no words to explain the pleasure you feel when you realise that you are cherished and wanted by somebody. Being in love is nothing but feeling all those feelings that you once thought aren’t necessary for you. Being in love is more like your dream coming true or you being part of a super-cute romantic story.” she said.

“Yeah, someone’s speaking for oneself.” he mocked.

“I knew you’d come up with this.
It’s not like I always cry or we always fight. We have our happy moments too. We have those moments too where we feel on top of the world. We have those moments too where we don’t care what happens to the world and we just feel like staying together, no matter what. We have those moments too where we talk sweet nothings to each other and speak all those mushy mushy things that you hate. Fights are just another part of our relationship, not the entire relationship.
Agreed, when we fight, we both do get hurt and we say things that we didn’t want to or didn’t mean to. It’s just that, in anger, we say things and then we regret. On the other side, fighting gives us another chance to get even more closer. When the anger subsides down, he makes up to me or I make up to him or we make up with each other. ;)”
Of course, being in a relationship isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort to keep it going. Its stressful, its painful and all but these hurdles are the very things that make a relationship all the more beautiful. But heck, I am ready to accept all of this as long as I get to stay with him.”

” *Whistles* Make up, eh? Someone has turned a major 😛
Well.. Good for you.. But still, wherever I see, there are break ups, ditching, deceit, hurt, pain and people are simply playing games in the name of love. I would rather not hurt a soul than make promises that I cannot keep..” he said.

“In the worry that you may not be able to keep your promises or you may end up hurting someone, you don’t want to fall in love. Well, it’s like telling that since you may die tomorrow, you don’t want to live today.
And yeah, there are a few people who play with feelings of others but not all are so. Some do so because they are insecure about themselves and some do so because, for them, “i love you” is a way of getting in to the bed with the person. And this getting-into-bed-syndrome is the effect of movies and chic-lit novels.
People have already moved on from SRK to Emran Hashmi, from Cecelia Ahern to 50 Shades, but it doesn’t mean that people have forgotten SRK movies or the forever-wala-love that was an integral part of all of his romantic movies.
And this time, I am speaking for myself! :P” she smiled cunningly.

“Hmmm.. May be you are right.. But still, I stand by my words.. I would rather be alone than be with someone and not be happy..” he said.

“That’s correct.. That’s another reason that people break-up.. People aren’t happy with each other.. The reasons are various.. Some have high expectations, some have high standards, some aren’t compatible, some realise that the person is totally different from what they first thought him/her to be, some realise that they are giving way more to the relationship than they should be.. etc etc etc..
But finally, they settle down too.. Either when they get someone they like or when they are tired of searching for that Mr or Ms Right.”

“My goodness! you’ve transformed into a total love guru.. Jokes apart, I do agree with you but let me be away from this word called love.. It’s so over-rated.. Just to sell movies, novels, chocolates and wine.”

“Haha! You’re right in a way.. But you know, what they say, when people like you, who are always running away from love, actually do fall in love, they fall hard..very hard.. Someday you will fall in love too and your story would be one hell of a love story..
Can’t wait to see you fall in love!” she teased.

“No way! Keep me out of this love shit. I am never gonna fall in love.” he stated.

She came way more closer than normal and whispered, “Not even when it’s I who is proposing you?” naughtily.

“Awwww.. You make me go weak in my knees, darling! How can I say ‘no’ to you?” he said hugging her.

She hugged him back. “I love you, man! Don’t know what would I do if you weren’t with me.”

“Fight with him, cut yourself, complain to me about him, and later make-up with him..” he teased.


P.S : “Among all the woman I’ve met so far there has been none that has ever been more important to me than my self-respect and ego. No woman has made me feel the things that you speak of. No woman deserves such importance in my life..” he stated.

“You know what, you simply act like a misogynist. In reality, you aren’t one. You, also, are a womaniser and love to be in and around women. Pun intended. It’s not that nobody understands you, it’s that you never let any woman come so close to you that they can understand you and you always intentionally confuse them. It’s not that you aren’t loving, caring or romantic, it’s just that you don’t show these things in your normal behaviour. It’s not that people stay away from you, you always intentionally push them away. It’s not that you don’t like those romantic movies or you don’t believe in true love is forever‘ adage, you simply don’t accept it in public.” she said.

“Holy shit! When the fu*k did you hypnotise me?” he exclaimed.

“I didn’t yet. If I did, I’d know why you behave in the way you do…” she said staring at him.

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  2. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read.

  3. Valli says:

    Hahahha!..The same kind of conversation happened between me and my friend….Enjoyed reading your post!

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