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Some of you, dear readers, have enjoyed my posts. Some of you haven’t. Some of you seem to have taken an offence over them. Specially reviews and especially movie reviews.

In my last movie review, that is of ‘Brothers‘ movie, most of you have sent me your feedback either via comments section or by email. And I’m glad you all did that.

Some of the comments and mails have been interesting and encouraging while some have been nasty, weird and funny too. One of you said am bad at reviewing, that’s fine. One of you said ‘its criticism more than a review’ and that’s fine too. But telling that I wantedly gave a bad review to defame the movie and stop viewers from watching it, is preposterous and senseless.

First of all, am an amateur movie reviewer. (I call myself reviewer and not a critic because I am not one.) Am both, new to movie reviewing and I don’t get paid for the reviews either. (Of course, I’d like to get paid for my writing someday, but as of now, it doesn’t happen.) So, your allegations that I wantedly pin down a movie are completely baseless and exaggerated.

I’ve reviewed only 9 movies so far and my first movie review was of Not a Love Story way back in August 2011. And I agree that of all the reviews I’ve written, that’s the worst review, partly because I was new to reviewing and partly because I wrote complete shite back then. And if you notice, you will see that mostly all movies have been from different genres, different production houses, different actors and different actresses.

Even if we take your perception that I give a bad review with maligning intentions into consideration, you ought to know that I don’t review each and every new release. Readers on www don’t know me by name or they don’t know that there is a guy called Jigar who reviews movies now and then. Nobody on www would be looking forward to my review as nobody knows when and which movie I’d be writing a review for.

Also, I watch atleast one or two movies every week but I don’t write reviews for all of them. And unlike critics, I don’t go to watch a movie with an intention of writing a review for it. I watch it for my own entertainment. Later, after returning home, if at all I think that I can come up with a review, I write it down and publish.

So, get a life guys. I watched the movie and I wrote what I felt about the movie. It’s not necessary that my opinions would be similar to that of yours. And it’s not necessary that if you like a particular movie, I should like it too.

P.S: Don’t stop after reading this disclaimer. Keep the mails and comments coming! It is much fun to read them all 🙂 [Those mails and comments also give me ideas for new posts :P]

P.S 2: Read A comment by an interesting reader too! The sole reason why this post is titled as “Another……”

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  1. jigar bhaiya ur awesomee at writing… wish u lots of luck further… keep it up!

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