What a wretched place a hospital is to be in…!


Just a couple of days back I took my sister, who was 7 months pregnant, for a regular check-up and the doc said that everything was alright and she and the baby were progressing well. She just prescribed a few more tablets and asked us to feed her more and more nutritous food. All good, we made our way back home and spent the two days in merry.

Today, she complained of little pains early in the morning and we took her to the doc immediately who wasn’t in the hospital because she was dead tired of working late into the night. The nurse attended to my sis and said that it was nothing serious and that they were regular pains. My mom insisted on my sis being checked upon by the doctor.

The doctor arrived after an hour, immediately took my sis in, and declared – after endless check-ups, observations and non-stop jogging for me and my mom from the check-up room to the medical store for all the things that they asked us to bring – that those were labour pains and she would be delivering soon. (Which scared the shit out of my mom because it was just the 7th month!)

My mom was already on the verge of tears, for she was both tired and scared. We din’t know what to do and were just praying fervently that everything be alright. We were becoming impatient and hysterical. Added to that, the non-stop phone calls and queries from relatives, were just driving us nuts and it was really difficult to keep our sane and it’s a real miracle that none of us banged our cell phones in frustration! 😛

At this moment I made a discovery. Newton was wrong in his theory about the light being the fastest. Heck, thoughts travel at double the speed, atleast! My mind wandered from all kinds of terrible things that I had read/heard before, ranging from mis-carriage to dead-born to survived-child-dead-mother to survived-mother-dead-child to handicap to what not! Also, to block a ray of light is very easy, but to block the chain-of-thoughts is not only difficult but also next-to-impossible!

Well, to add a touch of spiritualism, most of the negativity surrounding us is only from our mind and the stupid baseless fears that we give birth to from our own thoughts and that it has nothing to do with the actual situation or reality. Since the doc and the staff were always calm and asked us not to worry and that both the child and the mother were going to be fine, but we never paid them any heed.

Finally we were all relieved of our tensions when the doc announced that she has delivered a baby boy and that both mother and the baby were hail and healthy! Just that the baby would have to be kept under observation and into the ventilator for a few days.

Just as we heaved the sighs of relief, we heard sobs from the adjacent room and curiosity had the better of us so one of us went and tried to enquire what the matter was. What we found was, the lady was also into her 7th month and that those were twins but the doc wasn’t really equipped to carry out the delivery without the advanced technology and sophisticated equipments and suggested that the patient be taken to Hyderabad. If a decision was not taken soon, the lives of the patient and the babies would be in danger. Now, the family was worried that what they were to do if the patient delivers on the way itself. There was nothing that the hospital authorities could do in this matter nor could the family lose any time. That was a risk they had to take or else if it got any later, the hospital staff would be able to save either the patient or the children. So, the sobs.

What a tragedy! While we were celebrating the arrival of a new-born into our family, people right in the adjacent room were sobbing hysterically praying for a miracle and safety of their child and her children (twins)!

What a wretched place a hospital is to be in…!

P.S 1 : As and when he finally grows up to be big enough to read this – not that I believe in it, but, as they say, prevention is better than cure, and to dispel all the evil, touchwood (well since they din’t mention which, I’ll go touch plywood, teak wood, sandal wood, and….errrr… if there are any other woods. I’m sure holly/bolly/tolly/molly woods would be of no good.) – I will make him read this and tell him how he scared the shit out of us on his arrival!
P.S 2 : As they say, this generation is way faster than it’s previous ones! Bloody, they can’t even wait the whole 9 months! 😛

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