True love is forever…!


“Hey!” he said after picking up the call. “It’s been a long time. How are you??”

(‘Why is he always so cheerful?’ she asked herself.) “Umm, I’m good.” she said not-so-cheerfully. “You?” she added forcibly.

“Rocking, as always!” he said again with great enthusiasm. “So what’s up? How come you remembered me suddenly?” he asked.

“Umm, nothing..” she said. “I just saw you yesterday and so err..thought of calling you up.” she continued without enthusiasm.

“Oh! You should’ve come said hi.” he said as a matter-of-fact. “By the way, when and where?” he asked.

“I couldn’t, you were on the opposite side of the road.” she said contemplating whether to tell him or to not to. “Umm, at XYZ circle at about 8pm.”

“Oh! Okay. Am in city only for the weekend, so we were on our way to a movie.” he said.

So, what I thought was right. You both were actually going to a cinema hall. “Okay. Only you two?” her voice with a glint of jealousy.

“Yeah, only we both. It was a romantic movie, so uncle-aunty called off their plan at the last moment.” he said smiling to himself.

That is the genre that I love the most! “Since when did you start watching romantic movies? I thought you weren’t into them.” she said strongly in spite of herself.

I love it when you get jealous. “Oh, yes, I don’t like them now either, but it was her choice. She had booked the tickets for our late night endeavour long ago!” he said with mischief.

Late night endeavour?! What do you mean!!?? “Okay…” she managed.

“Yeah..” he said completely enjoying himself. “Jealous eh?”

“No, not at all! Why will I be jealous?” she lied. “Anyway, so, where are you staying? Hotel?” she asked trying to balance herself.

“I actually wanted to stay at a hotel, but she insisted that I stay over at her place. So, I gave in.” he said stressing on the word ‘she’.

That bi*ch! “Oh, good!” she replied aggressively.

“Hmmm..” he said still playing around.

Don’t you miss me at all? “It’s funny that in less than 10 days you not only found yourself a girl-friend but also became so close to her family too that they’re allowing you to stay over at their place for week-ends!” she said more boldly than she had wanted to.

“Less than 10 days?” he asked.

Gah! Did you miss me ever in the first place? “Yeah, as far as I know, with-in 10 days of our break-up, you shifted to your favourite town.” she replied.

“Oh! Yeah.. right.” he said. “Well, we…errr…just hit it on.” he added cunningly.

“I’m sure..!” she replied. “You know what, I didn’t even get over you in 10 days time!” she added with all the more aggression and obviousness.

“Meaning you got over me now, right?” he replied which was more of a rhetorical question.

(No! I didn’t! I still love you! she wanted to scream.) “Yeah, I had no other option.”

“Well, the break-up was your call, not mine. You had problems with our relationship, not I. You weren’t happy with the way our relationship was headed, not I. You thought that our relationship was nothing but fights and more fights and you said that you were fed up of them all. Not I. You wanted peace, not I. You wanted to be away from me, not I. It was your call, not mine! he replied raising his voice.

Couldn’t you just hold me instead of letting me go? Couldn’t you just say that our relationship was perfect and that the distance wasn’t needed? Couldn’t you just tell me that I would miss you so much? Couldn’t you just tell me that the peace that I was seeking wasn’t peace at all but indirectly, your absence from my life? Why didn’t you tell me all these things! Oh, why didn’t I know all these things before! She didn’t answer him anything as she was busy with her own thoughts.

“And now don’t give me that – True relationship is when you say ‘Get Lost’ to the other person, he understands and holds your hand even tightly instead of letting go – and tell me that I should have had held your hand even when you asked me to leave.” he said. “As a matter of fact, I did. I kept on calling you for days and kept on messaging you without any reply.” he accused.

Man, I so want to hug you right now. Why, oh why did I ask you to leave!

“Why don’t you simply accept that you are jealous? Why don’t you voice your feelings? Why don’t you simply tell yourself that you still are in love with me! Why, just why don’t you? Is it your ego that is holding you back?” he said in a breath.

I so wanted to meet and hug you the very next day. I so wanted to call you and say ‘I love you’ at least a million times in the past few months. But…I couldn’t bring myself to. “Yeah, I am jealous. Yeah, I missed you every single day since we broke-up. Yeah, I still am in love with you! And yeah, it was my ego that was holding me back!” she said. “But………what’s the use? You’re already gone! May be I was just a little too late.” she said dejectedly.

“Not, just a little late. Whole 3 months have passed since our fight.” he teased.

Tears trickled down her face…

I love you too…..” he added after a while.

She was surprised. “What?!”

“That girl is my cousin. They shifted here just a couple of months ago.” he said.

“Fu…..errr…!” she said.

“Yeah. I knew that some day you will realise it and come back to me, but I didn’t know that it would take almost 3 months for you to realise it!”

“Gosh! I missed you so so so much! Every day and night I think of you. It was with great difficulty that I avoided your calls and with even more difficulty, stopped myself from calling you, when you stopped calling. I did have my peace for a few days but then I felt empty from inside as if someone had taken away the life out of me. How many ever fights we fought, I never felt that alone. I always felt complete with you in my life and I always had a reason to smile. But these 3 months have literally been a journey to hell and back. I was just angry at you because of our last fight and when it subsided, I so wanted to be with you. I didn’t come back to you because I so wanted to show you that I’m strong enough to live without you too. But…..I failed miserably.” she said smiling and crying freely at the same time.

“I didn’t hold your hand tight enough because i wanted you to be free and have the option of leaving, yet stay with me on your own without me having to force you to stay. "True ” he said.

“You know what, you are an a**hole! But still, I love you.. "True ” she said smiling.

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