love is cute – 3


He was startled by the vibration of the phone and he picked it up still half asleep. Though there was a “Hello” from the other side, his mind din’t register the voice properly. He growled, “Who’s this?” And he got, “Oh, so you don’t even recognise my voice now! Great!” He woke up with a start as he recognised the person behind the voice and glanced at the watch. It was 2am in the morning! “You!? At this time?” he said all this in a breath.

“Woah, so you remember me atleast, not bad!” she said.

“It isn’t funny!” he said.

“Then, what is, you leaving me for another woman?” she chided.

“What?!” he said. Then as he realised what she meant, “Oh! That uh..? You know what, you aren’t as stupid as you seem to be. You are a little more than that!”

“Thank you so much for the compliment! I know I’m stupid or else I wouldn’t have loved you..” she said, her voice sad and nostalgic.

Loved eh? Okay, good!” he said stressing on the word “loved.”

“Yeah, loved!” she countered. After a while, she continued, “I still can’t believe that you left me for another woman! After being together for so many years!” her voice melancholic.

“May be you don’t remember but I always said that I love you and nobody else….”

“But you did…!” she cut him short.

“Let me complete!” he growled, this time a bit louder, and continued, “I always said that I love you – hear properly, it’s love and not loved – and nobody else will ever come into my heart in place of you. Though it doesn’t really matter now, but that holds true even now! If only you ever believed me!”

“Haha! How funny! That holds true even now.” she mocked.

“Yeah, you may mock as much as you want, but that is true. And I don’t care whatever you think!” he stated.

“You know what, this very attitude of yours had made life, for both of us, miserable and terrible!” she complained. [Man, this girl-friends never cease to complain, no? :P]

“It had, right? What is it that you want now!?” he said in a matter-of-fact way.

“What do you mean? You don’t want to talk, eh?” she asked.

“Talk?!” he barked. “What happened when I kept calling you and messaging you to talk to me! When you made your mom to lift my calls! When you din’t reply to any of my texts for days altogether! When you din’t reply to any of my emails! When you blocked me on Facebook and Twitter! When you blocked me on Whatsapp! And now, now you ask me this eh?!” he said aggressively.

“It was all your fault! You flirted with that bitch! You fell in love with her! You left me mid-way! It was all your fault! Not mine!” she retaliated with equal aggression.

“First, she isn’t a bitch….”

“Oopsie! I’m so sorry, I forgot that she is your girl-friend now. Obviously you cannot hear anything against her!” she cut him short again.

“Gosh! Whatever!” he said. “Second, I don’t love her and I never loved her! She was just another woman with whom I flirted and that was that. Nothing more. Only foolish people take flirting seriously. Others just enjoy as long as it lasts and forget. And it wasn’t like I din’t tell you about my flirting with her!”

“You did, I agree. But you hid your conversations. You didn’t give me your cell-phone when I asked you to!” she complained.

“It’s not like I wasn’t giving you my phone for the first time, I often used to tease you that way, if you remember. And I never hid my conversations with her, I always gave you my phone to read whenever you asked.” he said.

“Not on the day we met last!” she replied.

“Yeah, not on that day, because on that day I din’t talk to her and there was nothing to show you. I was just teasing you by not giving you the phone, like I did so many times before.”

“What!?” she gasped. She couldn’t believe it! “You mean to say that you both aren’t together?!”

“How very intelligent of you!” he said sarcastically.

“Stop being sarcastic!” she said.

“Stop being stupid!” he replied.

“Gosh! I was so angry with you that you lied to me, that you flirted with her and din’t show me your conversations, that you both were in love and that you were cheating on me!” she said.

“Haha! Wonderful! Cheating on you?? I told you to stay away from that friend of yours who was corrupting your mind, if only you listened to me!” said he. How ironic! Every relationship has 3 people involved. Boy, girl and a best-friend who wants them separated.

“Don’t blame her without knowing the facts. She never asked me to stay away from you, in fact…”

“In fact, she always said that a loyal boy-friend never flirts with other women!” he cut her short.

“How did…..” she couldn’t complete the sentence.

“…I know?” he completed.

She nodded, realising how foolish it was of her to suspect the only guy whom she loved so dearly.

“Because her boy-friend ignores her all the time and keeps flirting with her best-friends including you!” he said when he didn’t get any reply. “And she was jealous that you had me, completely devoted to you.”

“Don’t tell me….” she said.

“I already told you, you dumbo!” he replied.

“I thought all kinds of weird thoughts, I tortured myself imagining and visualising you with her, I missed you so so much and cried every single day since we stopped talking.” she said, finally tearing down the wall that she had created around her heart to keep herself strong and pouring her heart out. “I always told my friend that you aren’t one of those guys and that you’d never cheat on me. But when you did, my life came crumbling down and it was hard for me to face my friend or even face myself or keep talking to you. That’s why I avoided your calls and texts. I thought you were two-timing on us and that you were simply using me.” she said, teary eyed. “I tried a lot, to ignore your thoughts and tried to forget you, but I couldn’t. Β And since I became jobless, I miss you all the more.”

You know what, I miss you because I miss you and you miss me because you’re lonely. Anyway, this absurd idea cannot take birth on it’s own, your head isn’t capable of thinking such stuff, I’m sure.” he said.

“Don’t embarrass me more…” she said, silently accepting that it was her friend who told her about he using her.
After a while, she said lovingly and gleefully, “You idiot! If only you had shown me the mobile phone or atleast told me that you both din’t talk, we could’ve saved ourselves all this trouble!”

“The next day when I came home, I came to clarify this only and was about to tell you, but you screamed and blamed me and said,
‘All men are one and the same. I committed a big mistake by trusting you. I should never have done that. You simply used me and now that you’re bored of me, you found another woman, you jerk! I’ll never forgive you and I don’t even want to look at your face! Just go away and if you want me to be in peace, just leave me alone.’
And that’s when I realised that you don’t trust me at all. That your friend has much more influence on you than she should. That you are believing what is said to you and shown to you, but you aren’t applying your own heart to it. And that’s when I decided that there is no point in clarifying things.” he said. “And I always told you that the very basis of a relationship, any relationship, is trust. When there is no mutual trust, it means the relationship is simply futile.”

“What do you mean?” she asked turning serious.

“What I mean is, as much as I love you – needless to say, abundantly – I love myself too. Infact, I love myself just a little more than I love you.” he said. “Which means, I am never going to ask or plead you to stay with me. You’ll stay if you want to. And if you don’t want to, then there is no point in making you stay forcibly. A relationship is on the verge of its death when someone has to plead the other to stay in it.”

“I’m so sorry that I din’t trust you and I believed her words more than you. Please forgive me.” she said.

“That’s alright..” he said. How funny! However hurt you are, the moment your loved one tells a simple ‘Sorry’, you melt like clay in the sun and simply forgive them.

“I love you..” she said.

“Love you too..” he replied. And a simple ‘I love you’ can make you leave behind days of bitterness and reconcile with the one you love.

“And you idiot! Stop this non-sense that you love yourself more than me. You love me and only me more than anybody. More than yourself too!” she said happily again. “And another time you tell that our relationship is on the verge of its death, I’ll kill you!”

Is it? I’ll consider myself luckiest to have my death rewarded in the hands of my angel…” he replied. πŸ™‚

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    Very beautiful story…<3…So good to read this!!

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    Enjoyed this. Love is really cute πŸ™‚

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    Excellent post! Had a nice reading…!

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