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One of my readers recently mailed me, “Hey, I read your blog posts. They are wonderful, no doubt, but may I know why do you hate women so much?”

I was a little surprised. No, not because I was never asked this question before, but because what I read next.

“I read your post Girls are more often than not funny where you were just making fun of girls. Then there was A girl’s fear of being hurt (which you titled as A gal’s fear of being hurt, typing error I guess)  where I, for a moment, felt that your last post was just a one-off thing. But later I came across your To love or to not to..? where I again felt that you were directly pointing out at women in general. Did you have a terrible experience in one of your relationships or something??
And when I read One night in the life of a lover I was pretty sure that you were in a relationship then came a series of posts on love. Love is cute – 1, Love is cute -2, Love is cute-3 and True love is forever. You could have as well named it Love is cute-4, no?
Also, these all posts had one thing in common, did you notice? In all the posts, women were at the wrong-end and the men in all the posts, which I suppose is you, was the benevolent one forgiving them all the time. Why don’t you write a post where a man is at the wrong-end and the woman is forgiving him?”

Ah! This was amusing! It took me a while to collect myself and give my interesting reader a proper reply. I managed just this.

“Hey! Thank you so much for your great interest and detailed thesis on my posts!

Since you’ve changed the paragraphs, I’m sure you must have noticed that the first 3 posts were written in 2011 and the next 5 in 2012. But, may be, what you didn’t notice is that there are a total of 15 posts under the category of ‘relationships‘ and these comprise of just 8 written in the span of over one and a half years.
Also, regarding ‘Did I have a bad experience?’ I’m sure I wouldn’t want to discuss my personal life with you. Regarding ‘Why I hate women so much?’ Who says I hate them? I love women. Also, as I mentioned in ‘Girls are more often than not funny’, ‘ it’s just that, you make fun of only those, who are closer to your heart 🙂 ‘
If you noticed, in the ‘About me!‘ page I’ve clearly mentioned, ‘This is my personal blog where I write about my random unusual musings. Most of my posts are on fictional situations surrounding the relationships.’
I’m sure you must be on facebook. I would like to share with you a recent status update of mine on facebook profile and another status update on my facebook page. Do go through them, if you wish to, and am sure they would answer your questions in a better way than any amount of explanations could!
And no, it wasn’t a typo but I intentionally typed it so.

Once again, thank you so much for your interest and for reading my blog! Keep visiting! 🙂 ”

Woohoo! Whattay interesting reader! 😉

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  1. naddy26 says:

    A refreshing post for refreshing morning. 🙂

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