Beware! Your child is watching you…!


Now-a-days, it is often seen that a father easily rears three or even four children under a single roof but those three-four children put-together cannot (do not) take care of their parents under four different roofs too!

There was a happy family, a man, his wife, a seven year old son and a four year old daughter, living in a big house with a garden and a small unfurnished old room in it, which was once supposed to be a store room but now was the residence of two old people. The man’s mother and father.
The wife, educated and a person with modern thinking couldn’t just put up with the traditional thinking of the two old people and in less than two months of her marriage, moved them into the store room and never let them come into the house. Man, never objected.
They were never allowed to enter the house and their food was always brought to their rooms and they were supplied with only basic necessities without incurring much expense on their maintenance. At-least he hasn’t abandoned us or threw us into some old-age home, those old parents thought.
One good thing that the man did was that he never stopped his children from visiting their grand-parents and his wife never objected because their absence from the house bought her immense peace and allowed her to party and visit her friends.
Children would spend about two to three hours every evening with their grand-parents and listen to fictional stories about kings and queens and animals and such. They would tell them inspirational short stories mixed with humor and moral teachings. The presence of small, innocent, malice-less children was the only thing that brought smile to the faces of the old couple. Before, the food was sent by the maids but now children often took the food for their grand-parents and would spend some time with them during the meals.
One day, the seven year old son was making wooden utensils such as spoon, plates, cups and saucers. His father was intrigued by the act and asked him the reason for preparing such cheap utensils. The child innocently replied, “Father, when you and mother become old, I will make you live in that room and will bring you your food in these utensils that I have prepared! Because, the utensils which grand-parents use now will become very old by then!”
This innocent sentence hit him like a bolt and he realised his mistake and immediately brought his parents back home.

It is rightly said that the first school for children is their home. They notice, remember, grasp, learn and inculcate everything that happens in the house. Though the children appear to be innocent and busy in their own play, they always watch you and your actions and these days children learn more from your actions than they do from your words or teachings. So, beware, how you behave with your parents today, most probably you would be meted with the same behavior tomorrow!

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  1. priyanka says:

    Very true one dude!!!….
    I have even experienced dis in practical too:-/

  2. jigar doshi says:

    I know…
    Sadly, this is the state of many old parents!

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