one month without a cell phone…!

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The very first phone I used was Nokia 2610, a basic handset, sans the hi-end features. Two years later, it was replaced by Nokia E50, a business phone, which helped me browse net, read .pdf files, download apps and games, among many other such features. Later, I made the un-pardonable error of going for Sony Ericsson W205, slide phone, which was the worst of all the mobiles that I have used so far and gave me a lot of problems in the very short time of our courtship. In less than 2 months, I bought a Samsung Corby Mate, again slide, (thankfully, much better) and also qwerty mobile. Browsing, socialising, texting, calling at the go. Pretty satisfactory. Bugged up of using other mobiles and also as I was terribly missing my first and only love in cell phones, Nokia, I bought  Nokia E5, another business phone, with much finer features than the previous one(e50). It had all the features I wanted, it was a Smat-phone with Qwerty, fast surfing, in-built book-marks for Facebook and Twitter, multiple apps can be used at a time, etc.
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One thing that remained common, or which only increased but never decreased over the times, was the amount of texts that I sent and received. And with the introduction of Whatsapp, the number of texts only multiplied. The very use for which the cell phones were developed, to make calls in the times of emergency, was almost never used by me over the years and the phones, or rather Smart-phones, were always used for other purposes, which included heavy typing.
For me, a cell phone wasn’t just a tool, but more of a necessity to be had always at a hand’s distance. ( To be frank, for me, that was too far too!) I spent most of my free hours either texting friends, updating statuses or tweeting, or collecting information on the browser.
Soon, the phones, which were actually meant to be a luxury, with it’s multi-purpose utility, transformed themselves into a necessity and then, with their smart features, into an addiction.

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My friends, relatives, cousins, parents all were very vary of my habit of giving so much importance to a cell phone. They always reprimanded me for being so addicted to cell phones and always, ALWAYS, asked me to reduce the time I wasted on cell phones and advised me to utilise the time in some productive purposes instead.

And then, I stopped using cell phone. FOR A WHOLE MONTH. (why, isn’t that important matter to be discussed.)

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Well, I had read somewhere that habits die hard and that it is very difficult for a person to stay away from something (s)he is addicted to. But, it wasn’t the case with me. I not only, not longed for a phone, but also, started enjoying it. The freedom (yeah, it did feel like independence from some kind of a prison) of going out without having to carry a cell phone wherever I went, the freedom from the urge to check the latest feeds and the urge to tweet every other tweet-worthy developments, the freedom from the need to check the mobile, first thing after opening the eyes and the need to check the mobile, last thing before going to sleep, the freedom from the non-stop vibrations in the middle of the night, the freedom from the clutches of an invention, actually meant to be used in the times of emergency, but was extensively used to create/arrive at/invite emergencies. Ah, it felt like some kind of a liberation from a virtual prison!

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I had an awesome time away from phones. Instead of just craning my neck down and staring into the cell-phone screen all the times, I began to use the time optimally. I read so many novels, watched movies, slept peacefully, carried on with my daily activities without having to worry about replying to texts or attending to calls, in the middle of something important.

In fact, the ones who had a tough time were the same people who once termed me addicted to mobiles. They couldn’t contact me at the times that were convenient to them, but had to contact me when I was available and that too on a land-line phone. They had to call me, if at all, they had some work with me. Thus, they started calling me and scolding me and urging me to buy a phone as soon as possible.

Well, it was awesome to live life, as I lived once, before the introduction of mobile phones in my life, and I din’t miss cell-phone a bit. (yeah, take that!) It was an experience in itself and I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it!

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Finally, I renounce my renunciation of cell phones for a month, as my parents have gifted me a HTC WILDFIRE S…!! And am super-excited about it!! 😉

P.S : When I said Dream big, some of you thought that I was boasting. Hell, guys, now I am boasting and blowing my own trumpet and what not!

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4 Responses to one month without a cell phone…!

  1. Prerana says:

    HTC wildfire is a good phone 🙂

    only thing i hate about it is that its tough to compose a message/sms in it,coz of the small screen.

  2. jigar doshi says:

    Not a difficult thing to do at all.. it actually feels refreshing change to go out without a phone. 🙂

    Thank you so much! You're flattering, as always.. 😉

  3. shonazee says:

    Guess it's time i try to liberate myself from virtual prison 😉
    very well written !! (do i have to mention that ? you always write awesome 😀 )

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