Daruvu : Movie Review


Starring : Ravi Teja, Tapsee, Brahmanandam, Sushant Singh, Jayasudha, Prabhu, M.S.Narayana, Sayaji Shinde.
Director : Shiva

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Ravi Teja is the Akshay Kumar of Tollywood, who keeps on acting in action-comedy-family entertainers one after the another, that his movies seem to become a bit monotonous after a while. He is rightly titled as “Mass Maharaja” and he lives up to the audience’s expectations delivering (logic-less) comic-caper entertainers, time and again. Curiously, his fans never get bored!

His latest movie, Daruvu, is no different and is more of an old wine in a new bottle and as cliched as a movie can be. Hero gets wrongly killed and is sent back to Earth by Lord Yama in somebody else’s body and the hero takes the revenge on the goons.

Bullet Raja (Ravi Teja) is a small time con who runs into Swetha (Tapsee) and proposes his love on the very day of her engagement to Harbour Babu (Sushant Singh), a vicious goon, in a small town near Chennai. Raja successfully manages to floor Swetha, much to the irk of Babu leading to some action between them resulting in the death of Raja.

Raja is taken to Yamalokam (kingdom of the lord of the death, Yama) where he learns that he hasn’t filled his time on Earth and was killed because of an error of Yama’s (Prabhu) accountant Chitragupta (M.S.Narayana). Raja is sent back to Earth in the body of Rajendra (again Ravi Teja), a corrupt Home Minister, who has been killed by his partners-in-crime.

Then, the soul of Raja in the body of Rajendra, suddenly turns into a public-helping politician and does some social-service. He also seeks revenge and settles the scores with his killers (both Raja’s and Rajendra’s) amidst chaos, confusion, comic situations and lots of action. How, forms the rest of the story.

This movie is a treat for out-and-out Ravi Teja fans. But I’m sure, even they’d be tired of watching him in trite and monotonous characters, time and again. He carries the whole movie on his shoulders and does complete justice to both his characters, delivering another lively performance with superb comic-timing and dialogue delivery which are second to none.

Tapsee has very little screen presence and is mostly confined to songs. In whatever scenes she has, she acts very very badly. Needs to brush up her acting skills big time. All other characters are well-cast and well-portrayed, the ones of Vidya Balan (Brahmanandam) and Khaja (Vennela Kishore) stand out among them.

Songs are too loud and garish. Back-ground score, which is supposed to add to the effect¬†of powerful dialogues, is just too bad that more often than not, it ends up spoiling the effect of a powerful dialogue. Bad screen-play and equally bad direction which couldn’t really reap the benefits of a talented actor like Ravi Teja.

Nothing much memorable of the movie, except the powerful and energetic performance of Ravi Teja.

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