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Pre-Script 1 : Dear practical people, this post is not for you. Please close the window and sorry for the inconvenience.
P.S 2 : Dear romance fanatics, waiting for your cute cute comments already 🙂

A newly wed couple had just returned from their honeymoon and it was back to work for the husband, where as, the wife had nothing much to do except reading or watching television, as she wasn’t working.

It was his habit that after getting ready and sitting in the car, with some or the other excuse, he used to call out for her to fetch him his watch or his brief-case or an important file or his pen and then he used to bid her a good-bye with a sweet smile. In the beginning, she used to stand at the main door to bid him good-bye and she used to smile and fetch him his things enthusiastically, without any complaints. He would always look back twice or thrice before actually crossing their gate and smile lovingly, each-time.

But, after a few days, she stopped coming to the door as she was either busy devouring the news paper or the morning news in the television. He still called out for her and she had to get up and go all the way to the gate to give him what he had asked for. She soon got tired of it and also got irritated with his habit of forgetting. Though she waved him good-bye, he din’t notice that the smile was missing.

Being a devoted wife, she collected all the things that he needed in the office in one place, so that he doesn’t forget anything. So that he doesn’t call her to the gate.
In spite of that, he intentionally used to forget some or the other thing and continued calling her to the gate before going to the work. If not anything, he used to ask for a glass of water. He continued looking back, but she never waited to wave him good-bye anymore.

One day, as usual, when he called her to get him something, and she was reading an article in The Vogue, she was irritated like hell and started yelling from the couch itself. “Can’t you remember even such silly things? Every day you forget some or the other thing and call me to the door at-least once before going to office! Can’t you ever collect all your things in one go? I keep them all at one place so that you don’t forget yet you call me to get you this or that! I’m so sick and tired of getting up and leaving an interesting article or a news show mid-way. Don’t forget anything from tomorrow, please, I beg of you!” said she (yelled she) before getting him what he had actually asked for.

He was very hurt by her harsh words. He wanted to scream his lungs out too, but then he din’t.
He simply said, ” Babes, that’s alright. I’m so sorry for troubling you and interrupting your interesting read. I like the very thought that you stand at the door to bid me good-bye and keep waiting for me to return in the evenings. It’s just that I like to see you the last thing before I go to office and I find it rather cute when I call for things and you come out with a smile.
Of course, of late, you stopped smiling, but I failed to notice that because I was blinded by my own thought and I was so busy looking at you, when you come out to get the things, that I never noticed the smirk on your face. I love you… Bye, sweet-heart!” said he, lovingly. Not that he had any hard feelings against her, but his smile and those loving words pricked her heart as if it were hit with thousands of arrows.

She was very sorry for being rude and wanted to make up for the same in the evening. But he was so calm and chilled as if nothing had ever happened. After dinner, he cuddled up to her and talked about various things and they watched a movie together before making out and going to bed late at the night.
She was so happy that he had already forgiven her and she din’t bring up the topic as she was afraid that it might spoil the mood.

Next day, she slept longer than usual because of their late-night endeavour and was surprised to find him kissing her fore-head when she woke up. He said, “Bye, sweet-heart, see you soon!” and left. She was waiting for him to call her for something and thought to herself that I would get him smilingly and lovingly. But, she was surprised that he din’t call her for anything. She immediately rushed to the door, when she heard the sound of the ignition, just to see the car crossing the gate. Then, slowly, it dawned on her. Involuntarily, tears trickled down her face.

Post – Script 1 : He saw her rushing to the gate, in his rare view mirror, and left smilingly when he realised that she was waiting for him to call.

P.P.S : Next day, after sitting in the car, “Babes, can you get me my brief-case, please?”


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8 Responses to love is cute – 2

  1. Swati Murti says:

    that was cute, Jigar 🙂

  2. shonazee says:

    don't worry i'll be the first person to buy it !! and yeh i dnt mind turning into advertising n marketin agent for a b0ok written by you 😉 it 'll a bestseller ree 😉

  3. jigar says:

    lol.. Done then..
    I will hire as you as an agent as soon as I complete the novel 🙂

    and thank you once again for the unconditional support and belief 🙂

  4. jigar says:

    thank you!! 🙂

    sure, I will, only if you promise to buy (and distribute) many copies for yourself and friends 😉

  5. shonazee says:

    This is actually cute and nice and awesome!!
    considered penin down a romantic novel ? well ,you should!

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