One night in the life of a lover…!


Time : 3am.

Boy : I love you πŸ™‚

Girl : Really ?
Boy (dejected on not getting the desired reply) : Yes.. πŸ™‚ (Though “I love you” isn’t a question in itself, I wonder, why do we always expect a reply to it.)
Girl (for the 20th time in less than 3 days) : You sure your parents will agree ?
Boy (a little irritated at the trite question) : Yes, I will convince them for sure. πŸ™‚
Girl : What if they don’t agree ?
Boy (getting all the more irritated) : I will convince them πŸ™‚
Girl : Ummm..


Boy : What about your parents ?
Girl (casually) Β : I don’t know.
Boy (dejected) : “WTF !!??” he thought. “Ohh..” he said.


Girl (in the killer tone that kills even the strongest of the wills) : We will surely get together, na ?
Boy : “As if I know what is going to happen in future.” he thought.Β “Yes, baby, we will surely get together..” he said, keeping his tone as cheerful as possible.


Time : 3 15am.

Girl : What if we don’t ?
Boy (frustrated) : ” Damn you!!” he wanted to scream. “Umm.. I will try my level best to convince my parents.” he said plainly.

Girl (with a change in tone) : Ok.
Boy (sensing trouble) : What ?
Girl (acting coy) : Nothing.
Boy (getting irritated and angry at the same time) : I asked, what ?
Girl (keeping the morose tone) : Nothing.
Boy : (trying to recollect what he might have said wrong)
Girl : (making sounds of sobbing)
Boy (tensed) : What are you crying for ?
Girl (wantedly making the noise even more louder) : I am not crying.
Boy : Don’t lie and tell me what’s the matter ? What are you crying for ?
Girl (continuing with the sob sounds yet sounding angry) : I said I am not crying.
Boy : Baby, please don’t cry, you know I cannot see you crying. Please, tell me, what’s the matter ?
Girl (enjoying the pampering) : Nothing, leave it. you won’t understand.
Boy (infuriated to no end) : “Oh yes !! Of course, I don’t understand ! If only you cared to stop acting so coy and told me the reason, I would have understood ! ” he wanted to scream. “Baby, I am tired of this now. Please tell me..” said he.
Girl : Nothing, leave it.
Boy : Ok..


Time : 3 30am.

Girl (throwing her trump card) : “Ok ??? See, you don’t even care anymore. You don’t even try to find out the reason that’s making me upset.”
Boy (trying to act smart) : But, just now you said that you aren’t crying and nothing happened. Then why will I suppose that you are upset ?”
Girl (completely enjoying now) : “Fine. Now you don’t even understand whether I am upset or not. Fine! Go! You’re tired, so better go and sleep!”
Boy (as if he would get any sleep now) : “Am not sleepy, baby.” He would rather hit the sack.
Girl (another ace card) : Then go and talk to that friend of yours about whom you were talking about last night.
Boy (cursing himself for even mentioning his friend’s name) : “She is just a friend and nothing more and she is nothing in comparison to you. Please, forgive me.” Trying to re-collect what his mistake was in the first place!
Girl : (smiling to herself) (breaking into a small jig)

Compliments always work with the girls, especially when they are upset. Or just pretending to be upset..


Boy (taking the bait) : “My baby, my sweetheart, my darling, my life, my cutie pie, please tell me baby, why were you upset ?” **Still wondering why she was upset.**

Time : 4am.

Girl (smiling ear to ear) (still playing around) : Nothing, I was not and I am not upset.
Boy (now tired and ready to explode) : Don’t lie and don’t go through it all over again. Please, tell me… (almost pleading) Pleaseeeeeeee..

Girl (picking up from there) : What ? What did you just say ? Don’t go through it all over again ? What do you mean ?
Boy (cursing himself again for losing his temper) : I am sorry, baby. I din’t mean anything. Please, tell me, why were you upset ?
Girl (smiling) : No, first you tell, what did you mean ?
Boy (ready to bang his head) : I just meant that don’t say “nothing..”
*I am dead* he thought to himself.
Girl : Ok..


Time : 4 15am.

Girl (tired of playing around) : So, you will try. Just try. Great!
Boy (taken off-guard) : Β What ?
Girl : Nothing, leave it, you won’t understand.
Boy : “What the hell!?” he wanted to scream but he knew the after-effects. Keeping his temper in check, “Baby, please tell me, what try ?” (trying to re-collect their early talks which seemed even remotely controversial)
Girl (sounding sad and sobbing again): “You said, you’d try your level best. You are not even sure that you will convince your parents. Now only you are getting complacent, what will you do after a few months!?”

Boy : (clean bowled) (searching for hi-fi words to soothe her) (silently praying for the earth to swallow her.Β Oops, him.)


Girl : (sobbing loudly)


Girl (cleaning the nose) : What ? Say something.

Boy : Baby, I love you and I will always love you. I will convince them for sure. This heart belongs to you and only you and it beats only for you all the time. I will become more of a living corpse without you and I am sure my parents won’t like that. So, by hook or crook, I would make them agree and they would have to agree.
(thanking his stars for watching so many Bollywood romantic entertainers)
(When nothing else works, “I love you” always does the trick)

Girl : (sobbing again, this time out of happiness) Umm.. I love you too…!

Boy : (Thank god!) (Phewww..) Ummm..

Time : 5am.

Girl : So ? How was I looking today..? **Girly mode on**

Boy : Beautiful, as always… **Flirt-mode on**

Girl : Umm..

P.S – The above plot is not entirely a work of fiction. Lots of movies and novels have helped me. Plus, some of my die-hard romance-driven friends have contributed to this post, albeit unknowingly.

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6 Responses to One night in the life of a lover…!

  1. reacharcs says:

    I was glued to it…in fact I could recollect my conversations with my Fiancee…now my husband of 13 years….and well some things never change…

  2. jigar says:

    @reacharcs thank you.. am glad, it made you nostalgic about your conversations πŸ™‚
    yes, more or less, all women behave in the same way in such situations πŸ™‚

  3. dreamysap says:

    haha.. the post is hilarious!

  4. jigar says:

    @dreamysap πŸ˜‰ thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  5. jigar says:

    @vikas glad you liked it.. thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  6. Simply loved it, beautifully distributed,most people will agree to it πŸ™‚

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