Things that annoy me..


The following is the list of things that (people often do) annoy me :

1) People, especially young people, wearing shoes without socks.
2) Smoking in public places.
3) Spitting on roads/walls.

4) People washing their hands in the plate at hotels. (have patience, the finger-bowl would come soon)
5) Talking (should I say barking) loudly on the phones in public place(s).
6) Trying to barge into bus/trains/lifts before letting the people already inside, get out.

7) Grown-up adults acting with immaturity and stupidity.
8) Gossiping about something that happened eons ago or is yet to happen. 
9) Trying to act over-smart by speaking butler English and copied expressions or fake accent.( just imagine : “heya.. Can-ni (can I )  get a glaws of chill’d vawter, puhlease?” duh!)

10)  Too many grammatical/spelling/printing errors in a novel.
11) In movies. Too much drama. Too much co-incidence. Too less logic. Taking audience for granted a bit too much.
12) The beats of the song being louder than the singer’s voice.
13) Too many advertisements featuring cricketers. (especially, when they aren’t playing well.)

14) People trying to cross the road just after the signal turns green ! (where the hell were you when it was red for last couple of minutes???!!)
15) People honking in a traffic jam. (why would we stand in the middle if there were any space ahead?!)
16) Policemen letting go of the triple riding vehicle next to me [girl(s)] and catching me even if I am driving alone.

17) Giving short replies like ‘hmmm’, ‘ok’, ‘yaa’, ‘hehe’ etc (giving out a signal that you aren’t interested in the conversation) and then complaining when I don’t message back.
18) People not sending forwards for various reasons for a long time, then complaining that “these days we don’t get forwards only from u..” huh !

19) Friends texting me from a new number and when I send “who’s this?” replying with a “forgot uh already?!” How on earth am I supposed to see your face based on a (new) number !?? Beats me.

20) Friends borrowing pens/books/novels/cds/dvds/money and not bothering to return. Worse, not keeping the books/novels properly. 
21) Just acquaintances trying to act as close friends.
22) Nosy friends. No not the ever-flowing ones. The ones who keep poking unnecessarily.

23) People asking obvious questions.
“What are u doing here?” in a cinema hall. Selling tickets in black.
“Oh, did you come to buy groceries?” in a grocery store. Ah, noo! I came to measure the area occupied by the store.
Calling landline and asking “Where are you?” In phillipines. Got all my calls transferred here.
Opening the door when i knock and say “oh! You came ah…?” ummm, nah, not yet. It’s just my alter-ego. I am yet to come. (don’t get naughty thoughts, morons!!)

24) Internet connection getting disconnected when am in middle of something important. (worse, working perfectly fine when doing something stupid or not productively useful.)
25) Too many in-your-face ads on a website/blog/web-page.
26) Spam mails/comments.
27) Commenting on a post without even bothering to acknowledge the work “Hi. please check out my new post ………………….” duh!
28) Tweeting day-to-day updates. sorry, second-to-second updates. “just woke up. now having food. now watching movie. now going out. now sipping tea. now enjoying.”
29) Trying to act too friendly. especially celebrities. “love to all, muah!” “i love you all.” “hugsssssss” “kissessss” (care to give in person, too?)
30) Tagging friends on each and every pic of yours. 
31) Unnecessary public(verbal) display of affection among women. “love u babes.muah. – love you toooooooo! muah muah!” competition eh?? “awesome! – thanx love!” “good one. – thanx a lottt babes!” (why extra tt? fashion? style?)
32) “so sad to hear the demise of the great person xyz.” why on earth would someone “like” this? 
33) People “like” their own status updates/pics.
34) Forward messages as status updates.

**I get most annoyed when people enjoy the post yet don’t bother to share the same with their friends. attitude eh? [ don’t annoy me! 😉 ] **

also, let me know of the things that annoy you, by commenting below 🙂

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11 Responses to Things that annoy me..

  1. jigar says:

    @rushab thank you !! 😀
    hope you enjoyed 🙂

  2. jigar says:

    @vijay menon lol.. there are many other points that can be added.. left them for some other time..
    thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Vijay Menon says:

    pretty comprehensive list
    good one:)

  4. kaashyapi says:

    hi… jigar ….
    nice observation dude….yeah by dis post… ppl who read dis post will really take care of some things…. n hope some changes will occur…:)

  5. jigar says:

    hello kaashyapi..
    hopefully some changes will occur..
    thank you 🙂

  6. ok here's what annoys me: word verification for comments. pls remove it Jigar 🙂

  7. haha what a list!!!
    the hoking in traffic – TRUE! why would we be in the middle !

    the fake english – yes irritating

    the gossiping about “tings yet to happen” – aha now that would be interesting 🙂

    PDA among women – yaaaa- never understood it – annoys me too

    had fun reading about your irritants Jigar. nice post

  8. jigar says:

    @sujatha 🙂 thanks a lot..
    well, i guess, gossiping thing is exclusive for men.. you women would love to gossip about anything anytime anywhere 😉

    i guess removed. i never changed those settings since i started the blog 😀

    am glad the post entertained you 🙂

    thanks for visiting 🙂

  9. Seema says:

    After reading this article I am sure people around you will take care of all these wonderful 34 points.I like it very much.

  10. jigar says:

    @seema : thank you very much 🙂
    hopefully, they will.
    thanks for stopping by 🙂

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