dream big !!


When I was a kid, i wanted to live independently, now that I am living so, I feel, living with family was/is more blissful.
When i was a kid and got not more than Rs10 as pocket money, I wanted to have 5k as monthly pocket money. Even though i get more than that right now, my desire is to have 10k as pocket money.
When I was a kid, I dreamt of riding a Bajaj Pulsar. And now that i drive it, I crave for a Yamaha R15 or a Karizma.
When I was a kid, I wanted to own a Dell laptop. Now that I own it, I want to use a Macbook or a Sony Vaio instead.
When I was a kid, I wanted to use a smart-phone. Now that am using a Nokia E-series model, I pray for someone to gift me a Blackberry or an I-phone.

What do you infer from above ??

1) Humans are fickle minded. We will never be satisfied and our wants/desires are unlimited. When we get something we once dreamt of having, we would want to have a completely different thing.
2) Dream big. Because sooner or later, (if not all) most of your dreams will come true. And when they come true, you will be disappointed and would want more.
3) “Don’t reject anything that you have now. Because what you have now is one of the many things that you once wanted to have.”
4) Don’t be trapped in the cycles of desires/wants. Try and be content. Or else you will never be at peace and you will never be satisfied with what you own/have/achieve.

P.S – There are quite a few friends, who after reading this post, reiterated that I was bragging about myself and was ‘blowing my own trumpet’ and boasting about things I own and stuff.
All I would say is, I wasn’t.
Telling that I own a Pulsar/Dell/Nokia isn’t bragging as far as I know. Yeah, it would have been bragging in case I owned the things that I want to own and then I made a post about those expensive items.
The main point to be noted in the post was about human’s fickle-minded nature and his thirst for things that he wants to own but doesn’t own as yet.

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2 Responses to dream big !!

  1. jigar says:

    @sujatha true.. even if we got more than what we once desired, we are never really happy or satisfied..

  2. agree with the fickle mindedness. we are never fully satisfied or happy with one thing.always want something else

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