how to screw your birthday

Though I was not really a great lover of the Physics as a subject, it included a part called experiments, which were always fun and easy to do. So, ‘d like to give the step-by-step procedure of an experiment that I conducted recently and got the expected results too. The experiment was about birthday, sans the social media.

Objective: To know how many of your friends actually remember your birthday.Procedure : Some 8-10 days before your birthday, change the “visibility” of your “birthday” from the “privacy settings” of your facebook account to “only me” and also hide the visibility of your birthday from all other social networking sites that you have an account in. Then wait till your birthday.Result : On your birthday, the number of calls and wishes would most probably be half of that in the last year. If you are more unfortunate, you may receive as less as one-fourth number of calls/wishes that you got in the last year.

Advantages :
This experiment will show you some things about your friends :
1) Not all of your friends remember your birthday.
2) It will also show you the friends who actually remember your birthday.
3) It will also reveal that, without facebook, half of your friends are no better than strangers in knowing things about you.
4) It will teach you not to expect more from friends/life/yourself.
5) It will teach you that “expectations” hurt and end up leaving you in a depressed condition, when not fulfilled.

Disadvantages :
1) This experiment is very lethal and dangerous if you are a sensitive person. Don’t even think of trying.
2) It will enlighten you with the fact that the saying, “expectations hurt a lot. Never expect anything from anyone,” is so true. Yet, by looking at so less number of wishes, you will be depressed/disappointed/hurt which may further spoil your mood.
3) It will make you angry on some of your friends, which may send out very strong negative vibes. Sometimes resulting in irrevocable consequences.
4) You would make a resolution of not expecting anything for the next birthday. Another decision taken in anger/hurt. (Most probably, you’d break the resolution. Then, it wont be a disadvantage, really.)

My birthday :
1) Although, my best-friend, X (name not mentioned, for obvious reasons) was the first to wish on most of my birthdays, on my last birthday, (not too many days ago) X din’t call me. din’t even send me a single text message in the whole day.
2) There were not more than eight (one of them being my junior in the school) of my school friends, who remembered my birthday.
3) Only four of my intermediate friends remembered my birthday.
4) Except for my group of six friends, none of my graduation friends even knew that it was my birthday.
5) A couple of (graduation) friends wished me after 8pm, after looking at the pictures clicked during the day, which were uploaded on facebook by one of my friends who belonged to the group.
6) The funniest excuse that one of my friends gave me for not wishing me on my birthday and wishing it later was “the balance was nil and i just recharged my phone today.”

P.S – 1) If any of you, is remotely even thinking of trying this, be sure to get depressed/hurt and you know what to expect after knowing what i have gone through. If you think that you wouldn’t want to spoil your birthday, donot try this. Others, do it and know how many actually remember your birthday.
2) In literal terms, this is nothing but screwing your birthday. (take it as a warning)
3) Don’t give me scathing abuses, if you try the same and get the same results too.

P.S 2 – If you liked this post, you may want to know what happened on my next birthday. Read it here : My (not so fantastic) Birthday! (or was it?)

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  2. Srinivas says:

    You’re too brave Jigar Doshi!! I can’t even imagine the consequences

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