friend – the most shameless of (all) the creatures

today, one of my friends visited me after a long time. as soon as he entered, he took my wallet, searched every corner for any and everything that he could get. after checking through my driver’s license, voter id card, pan card and some other papers that it contained, he finally took out a Rs500 note and conveniently put it into his pocket (din’t even bother to ask for permission) and said, “dude, am taking the money, i will return you whenever i have some money with me.” (read as, “i need it and you can forget about it. most probably i won’t return.”)

that is what true friends are. ruthlessly dangerous; incredulously shameless; entirely mannerless/etiquette-less; never bother to return what they take; don’t bother to get a gift and sometimes even call you to wish on your birthday, but they demand a treat as if it’s their right; will never let you study and forcibly take you to movies/restaurants/eateries to hang-out (and make you pay all the bills); will fight with you in a manner worse than an enemy would do; corner (read – blackmail, emotionally blackmail) you in terribly sick situations; screw you and your life in the worst way possible.

yet, we always long to have such friends. who would greet us with an abuse or a taunt or a pun on us instead of the social hi/hello. who wouldn’t wear a mask or facade of politeness or try to be formal, but who are true and always speak their hearts. who would tell all the negative points in us (even if it hurts us) on our face and try to change them, than to lie about them and make us complacent. who would always help us in solving our problems (that they themselves created for us – umm, well, most of them.) and get us out of the tricky situations. who would take you to the sentimental/emotional movies yet manage to make you laugh (while all others around you are crying) to that end that your stomach starts aching. who would never make you feel alone/lonely even if they are miles away from you.

and if you are lucky enough, you won’t have many or different true friends in different walks of your life. you are the luckiest if you have the same friend as your true friend in all the walks of your life. i am lucky. are you, too ?

you may also add few points to the definition of the true friend in the comments section below. or you may also let me/us know of a small incident with your best friend..(like i showed in the first para)
so what are you waiting for ? write, asap.

share this post with your friends, so as to get more and more short heart-warming stories and to improvise the definition of the true friend.

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