not a love story – movie review


starring : mahie gill, deepak dobriyal, ajay gehi.
director : ram gopal varma

 the following were my tweets which i tweeted in the interval of the movie :

now watching rgv’s ‘not a love story’ which doesn’t look like a movie at all. Seems more of an amateur experiment. Sick. Crazy.
the music is used to give the already gloomy picture an even more gloomy sense. But doesn’t work.
abrupt end of scenes/emotions/talks/moments. Stupid. Down-right stupid. 
none of d actors seem to be acting. Funny, cos it’s coming out of rgv, who has been in d industry for over 2 decades. 
don’t understand the desperateness in the love-making scenes. No feelings/emotions. Just forcibly pulling into eachother. Gross.

ram gopal varma, famous for making movies which love to gather controversies before they release. and his latest flick, not a love story is no different. the plot is inspired from a real case, and the accused, objected to the release of the movie, which ultimately helped it gather much-needed free publicity.

 the plot of the movie is :
 a small-town girl shifts her base to mumbai to make a career in the movie-world. her boy-friend strongly objects to the same citing long-distance as a problem. she somehow convinces him and he forcibly agrees.
she shifts to mumbai and after endless fights with her beau (who becomes obsessive and possessive of her) who insists on her returning, after few rejections, after few offers finalised but cancelled mid-way, after 6 months of struggling and telling a strong “no” to a director who was ready to offer her a movie but for a “price”, she finally manages to land herself a lead role in a good movie.
she is ecstatic and over-joyed at the developments and parties late into the night with her buddies. one of her friends is supposed to drop and leave, but enters into the apartment. both are drunk. they sing, dance, talk and inevitably sleep together.
her beau pays her a surprise visit but is over-come with rage on seeing a naked man in her apartment and before she could tell anything, he kills her friend. she is numbed by the suddenness of it and scared to death. they have no other option but to dispose off the body to save themselves and so they cut the body into pieces and dispose it off in huge plastic bags.
then, the movie is all about how police gets involved and how they catch the culprits.

but the best part of the movie is the last 10-15 minutes. where two lawyers are appointed who, to make a living, try to make a case out of it and fill their respective minds with stupid suggestions to pour all the blame on the opposite person. 
robin(deepak dobriyal)’s lawyer convinces him that anusha(mahie gill) was having an affair with ashish(ajay gehi) and that she would use the same as a weapon to save herself putting all the blame on robin.
anusha’s lawyer convinced her that it wasn’t your intention to kill ashish and this could save you and anyway robin and his lawyer would say that you and ashish were into an affair and that ashish threatened to cancel the deal over a petty issue and so you killed ashish.

robin’s lawyer states in court, ” anusha somehow made robim to come to mumbai and by the time he reached, she had already kept the plastic covers stuffed with the body pieces and lied to him about its contents and he helped her in disposing the covers without doubting what they actually contained.”

anusha’s lawyer claims, ” since robim was very obsessive, to take-a-break, she shifted to mumbai and fell in love with the deceased, ashish, and this was not acceptable to robin, who barged in forcibly and killed ashish, and threatened anusha that she would also be killed if she din’t co-operate and din’t help him in disposing off the ashish’s remains. so, to save herself, she forcibly helped robin in the crime.”

then anusha says that before she comes up with her final statement, she would like to speak to robin personally and then she explains him all that happened and that it wasn’t intentional or there was nothing between her and ashish and that she still loved robin profoundly. she further said that it was the wine that made them do what they did and that ashish had no place in her heart. and that, she doesn’t care what people say or do, all she wants is to die with robin, together.
he said nothing but grabbed her and gave her a long desperate lip-lock. and she reciprocated.

the movie ends with the following lines :
the prosecution wanted them both to be killed.
their lawyers wanted them to kill each other.
they wanted to be killed together.

the last scene and these 3 lines left me spell-bound. hats off to the maker.
such an amazing climax to one of the most gruesome and gory movies of recent times.
the thing that i liked the most in the movie is the last 15 mins. that’s it.

the feelings of strong love between the lead protagonists even in times of adversity and
the complications resulting from decisions taken in momentary anger which end up in nightmarish consequences are nicely depicted in the movie.

as for direction, i have never seen anybody using such weird camera angles ever. was too-much of titillation.
the background score wasn’t in sync with the movie in the first half, but perfectly matched with it in the second half.
the actors were terrible.
deepak dobriyal was scary especially when he bulged his eyes in anger. he doesn’t look like boy-friend material at all. obsessive. bald. little psychotic and cold-blooded.

mahie gill acted much much better in dev d than in this movie. and i don’t understand why she wore those large shades in her apartment and the police-station. (she looked much like vidya balan in this attire especially)

the police inspector(zakir hussain) speaking very very slowly was really awkward.
the banal slapping and “bolti hai ya bulwau” and “bol!!” “bol!!” by the lady constable was stupid. 
no proper display of emotions by any of the actors.


and yes, the cold-blooded murder (real-incident) could have inspired and made up for a nice plot for a thriller, and could have been made into a much better script and much, much better movie had a different director and matured actors attempted to make it. the plot was completely wasted by this lot..

it isn’t a must-watch and you can easily download the movie from the net or wait for it to be released in cd/dvd. not really worth going to theatre for this movie, unless, of course, you don’t have anything else/better to do.
and these, i tweeted after the movie :
oh god ! The second half turned out to be much much better. Loved it as much i hated the 1st half.
1st half dealt wit introduction, un-intentional love-making followed by un-intentional murder. And putting away d dead body.
where as in 2nd half, the plot unfolds quickly. Missing report leading to Police enquiry and the culprits found guilty.
loved the climax. The best part of the movie. Great trademark lines to end with. And music syncing beautifully with the theme here.
was beginning to feel that it was waste of money. No, it wasn’t. The 2nd half made it a complete paisa-vasool.

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