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a child was very irresponsible in spending money and to teach him the value of money, his father asked him to earn atleast 10 rupees and come. the son simply went to his mother and asked to give him the money which he took to his father, who threw it in the well in their backyard. daily the father asked him money and he bought it from his mother and his dad threw it in the well. the son never cared about the money and thought that his father has gone mad.
one day, his mother was out of town and as usual, his dad asked him to get 10 rupees by evening. now he was scared and worried as to from where shall he get the money.
he decided to earn it as it was the question of his self-respect and he din’t want his father to know that all these days he was getting the money from his mother. so he went out in search of work. though there were many works but he was too proud and egoistic to do all the menial works and so he couldn’t earn any money upto evening.
finally, he saw an old woman with loads of luggage at a railway station. he went to her and offered to help in exchange of 5 rupees. the luggage was very heavy and since he had never really worked before, it was very difficult for him to carry the luggage. but, since he was determined, he carried the luggage and the old woman gave him the promised 5 rupees.
he proudly went to his dad and gave the 5 rupees coin to his father who was about to throw the coin into the well, as usual. but the son shouted and asked him to stop and snatched the coin from his hands.
then his father smiled and said, “daily i was throwing away 10 rupees yet you never cared for it because you din’t earn the money and simply took it from your mother. but today, you worked hard for it and it was your money, hence you stopped me from throwing it. you must be thinking that i was mad to throw away the money daily, but now you see the point. hard earned money gives you the real satisfaction as you know how many difficulties you had to face to acquire the money. also, it reminds you not to waste it and use it sensibly. now that you know the value of hard earned money, you will be wise in spending it.”

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