Truthfulness is the real richness!


Monetarily poor, otherwise a rich child and an incident in his life :
There was a very poor child who was going to get medicines for his sick sister. While he was on his way home, he saw a wallet on the road and found Rs.1000 in it. Alhough he was poor, he was truthful and he decided to return the wallet to it’s rightful owner.
He immediately went home and explained everything to his mom and asked her to suggest an idea, so that he could return the wallet. He was also concerned that the owner might be worried about his money.
His mom was very happy to see the truthfulness and selflessness in him and she suggested that he should give an advertisement in a daily newspaper.
The boy got very happy and immediately went to the office of a local newspaper. The editor was also very happy with the poor boy’s selflessness and he printed an advertisement with the boy’s address without charging any feed.
Next day, the man came to the boy’s place and was surprised to see the truthfulness of the boy inspite of his poverty and also the sickness of his sister.
He said, “Who, inspite of being poor, is not greedy about money is worth praising and a sincere human being. And only poor people can be so selfless and true. Whereas rich people, though they don’t need anything, become very greedy and selfish in the company of money.”
The man blessed the boy and offered some money as a token of appreciation. The boy readily declined. The man was mighty impressed with the boy’s self-respect.
He, then secretly arranged for a doctor who was willing to treat the poor for freeĀ but was actually paid by the man.

Honesty and kindness not only earn us respect and integrity from the society, but, often, in times of our needs, we receive help from the people without even asking for it.

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