To love or to not to…?

All those bookish and filmy definitions of love turn ugly/sour when you start loving someone, but that someone doesnt or someone starts loving you, but you dont..
(P.S – you dont necessarily need personal experience to know few things)

When you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ your eyes cry, heart demands a tight hug and mind just wants to be with that duffer love..
when you are with that person, your face glows, your stomach giggles and your hands just want to feel the warmth of that special someone..

But when this ends.. your eyes cry, your mind hates the word LOVE and your heart bleeds but still that ‘special someone’ is the only one, whom you think about all the time.. you keep on looking and smiling to all those pics of you two together.. again and again, you stare at the phone, wishing they would call or text, saying, “I miss you, ma bacha..!”

Respect those who love you because they also have a heart and every heart feels the pain..
(respect the love, but not at the cost of your self-respect. Not at the cost of your values/desires/expectations. And especially not, when that person doesn’t respect your friends)

Love hurts.. But falling in love just because the opposite person says he/she is in love with you/cannot live without you, is murder. Murder of your heart/feelings. Its better to say no and bear a few harsh words, than to say yes and torture yourself for the rest of your life..

After all, its your life. Live on your own terms. Never bend because of a few tears of desperation or few words of frustration.

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3 Responses to To love or to not to…?

  1. jigar says:

    @ 'anonymous' akash : if you observe keenly, they will 🙂
    i said you don't need “personal” experiences to know a few things. look at your surroundings and people's lives are full of stories/lessons/teachings/experiences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Akash here

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dude these wrds cant come out of observations 😛

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