problems – solutions.

man’s life is filled with different and unlimited problems and if we really want to overcome them, we should tackle them one by one but not try to solve them all at a time. if we start thinking and searching for solutions of all the problems at a time, then those problems seem to multiply, seem insoluble and they also seem to be more powerful and dangerous that we may not able to solve any of the problems, instead get bogged down and defeated by them.

let us see a small scene that complements the above words.

there was a farmer who has a farm of mangoes. as the summer season settled in and all the fruits started ripening, he noticed that daily some mangoes were being eaten away. so he once decided to hide in the bushes and find out who the culprits were.
sometime later, four young men stormed into his farm and started plucking and eating the mangoes. the farmer thought to himself that these four are young and strong and he doesn’t stand a chance if they decide to pounce on him. so he thought of an alternative.
he went to them and instead of scolding or ridiculing them, he tenderly asked them their names and family details. first said that he was the son of the landlord, second of a brahmin, third of a businessman and the fourth of a barber.
the farmer then said, “the landlord is my lord. this farm is gifted by him only and he can eat as many fruits as he wishes to. the brahmin is our teacher and so i can never stop him from eating. we have regular business dealings with the businessman, so not a problem, he can also eat as he likes. but why the barber should eat freely? he never does anything for us. he takes money for grooming us and so he doesn’t deserve to eat freely. come with me, i will take you to my father, he will punish you.”
the other three kept quiet thinking, “thank god, we are saved, he din’t tell us anything.” the farmer took the boy far away, tied him to a tree and returned to the three boys.
then he said, “my father says, landlord is our lord, brahmin is our teacher, but what right has a businessman got to eat our fruits freely? he is paid for all his business dealings and so he is also punishable. come, i will take you to my father.” saying thus, he took the boy far away and tied to another tree.
this time he returned and said, “brahmin is our teacher, equivalent to a god. but why should our landlord steal from us? we pay him interest and also a part of the stock of the mangoes. he has no right to steal and so he is also punishable. come, my father calls you too.” and he tied the boy to a tree near the other two boys.
this time he returned and said, “brahmin has the right to beg for the alms but has no rights to steal. since you have stolen my mangoes, you will be punished too.”
he then wracked the boy with a stick. made the boy to ask for forgiveness and asked him to flee away and never to repeat his act. similarly, he hit all the three boys and asked them not to repeat their act and made them flee.

problems come in our life uninvited, all at a time and we get scared looking at so many problems. try to segregate them and separate them, then solving each problem would be lot easier.
breaking a single stick is very easy. but breaking a bunch of sticks is equally hard. similarly, all problems at a time are difficult to solve. but tackling one problem at a time is simpler.

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  1. jigar says:

    thank you pri 🙂

  2. pri says:

    nice message and very well put across 🙂

  3. liked the way you started and concluded it.. lookin forward for many more! keep writing..

  4. jigar says:

    thank you avanthika 🙂

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