hate the sin, not the sinner.


the class teacher had appointed all the students of the class as the leaders/class representatives and whenever a decision was to be taken about a student on some complaint against him, all the students were consulted and a mutual decision was taken. the student who was found culprit, was supposed to run 20 rounds of the school play ground. there was also a rule that if some other student was considerate enough and was willing to take the punishment in place of the culprit, then he would be spared.
there was a boy called mohan, who was very mischievous. he was often engaged in some or the other mischief and all the students of the class hated him. he was punished so many times that even the teacher was fed up with him and had warned him that he would be dismissed if there was any more complaint on him.
but as dog’s tail can never get straight, mohan had a fight with shyam and hit him hard. after a discussion it was decided that it was mohan’s mistake and he was charged with running 20 rounds again. teacher asked if anybody was willing to take the punishment instead of mohan and all replied that they hated mohan and that they don’t see him fit for the mercy. then shyam came ahead and said that he would run in place of mohan and so mohan was set free.
everybody was stunned to hear that including the teacher. but, as it was a rule, he was asked to go to the ground. later, mohan thought to himself, ” i hit him hard and he himself took the punishment to save me especially when everybody hates me. he is such a kind hearted student. and because of me, he is being punished.” thus, he was repenting his actions and he immediately went to the teacher and said, “ma’am, it’s me who is supposed to be punished. i committed all the mistakes. i swear, i will never commit any mischief again and try to become a good student. please, dont punish shyam.” listening to his plea, shyam was also spared of the punishment and he was called back from the ground. later, shyam and mohan became good friends.
we should always forgive the sinner and try to show them the right path but not beating, punishing or scolding him. real forgiveness is that which even benefits the enemy.

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