Girls are, more often than not, funny…!


I was just wondering, why on earth can’t the girls be sportive enough to accept the defeat when they are defeated?
Why do they always end up crying (in an argument) or deviating the topic (in a debate), when we successfully manage to corner them?

Let me give you an instance. The other day I was talking to a girl.
I simply said a quotation. I felt it was good and so I said that.
She said “kya baat, kya baat.” (very good, very good)
I said, “Thanks.”
“I was being sarcastic!” she replied.
Now what is sarcastic in ‘very good, very good?’ The girls who actually try to see the sarcasm after reading this, just P.O!
“I don’t think you were..” said I.
“Ofcoarse I was” Spelling!!!
“May be you simply envy that you couldn’t think of what I thought..” I said.
And she says “haila… devdaas.. your pic shows..” [Devdas is famous, or I can say very infamous, for losing his love and taking to drinking and ending up at a prostitute’s place, breathing his last in her kotha(brothel).]

Wtf ! Where did the pic come from? Just when she had nothing to give a proper counter, she deliberately changed the topic. How naive.

And this is not the sole instance. I have seen such antics by girls many a times. They will never accept defeat especially when they are defeated.
And when you are having an argument, that’s the best where they show you their real acting prowess. They cry when you successfully point out their mistakes, as if you committed a great blunder. (It is a great blunder in their view. Accept everything they do silently, like a martyr, only then, you are a good person.)
It’s the same with each and every girl. No girl is different, especially in this aspect.
And third antic they do is, i.e ., apart from crying or deviating, when you show them their short-comings or mistakes, they show you something that you did years ago, which could’ve been done in a better way. Years ago! Do you believe it !
Nevertheless, I appreciate their memory power when they want to screw people.

Being with a girl is like appreciating a good rose. Which is very good to look at from far, but when you get closer and closer, you realize that the rose is full of thorns.
But, the fact is, the roses are irresistible, no matter how many thorns they have. 😉

P.S : Please don’t ask “Why do you hate girls?” after reading this post. Cos I don’t.
It’s just that, you make fun of only those, who are close to your heart. 😀

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