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A person taught his son the following lesson one day, “The ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need it the most.”

The next day they were walking through a deserted street and were suddenly attacked by three thieves asking for money. The son, young blood, doesn’t give any heed to them but his father gives away his wallet. The boy is stunned at this and to his surprise he even gives away his gold watch and to his shocking disgust, his dad gives away the brand new leather jacket as well.

The boy protests. He says, “Dad, you are a strong man with six-pack abs and you are an expert of martial arts, you can easily get these weaklings and knock them down! Then what on earth are you doing donating things that they aren’t even asking for? They asked only for money and you! You are on a strip-tease or something like that ?” His dad simply smiles.

The man gives away his gold chain and is even about to remove the watch from his son’s hand when the thieves have a kind of discovery of their spiritual awareness or something and they apologise and they return the things and promise never to rob anybody again!

The boy’s mouth is left wide open and his dad’s grin only increases.

While they were returning, the boy asks the same question fuming, “You could have easily knocked them down, then why din’t you go for it?” Dad smiles and repeats the lesson, “The ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need it the most.” The boy is about to reiterate when he realizes and becomes silent.

A short story to show that lessons are easy to learn but equally hard to implement. In other words, acquiring the education is easy, but acquiring the wisdom of implementing the education is really hard.

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  1. jigar says:

    thank you tejaswi 🙂

  2. weLL written..WorthfuL ending!!Lookin forward to read more..

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